Faces of Vision

Consumers are faced with many choices. We’ll make sure your brand is head and shoulders above the rest.

Creating standout advertising is equal parts art and science. At Blakeslee, we’re masters at blending creative flair with business acumen to make sure your message gets noticed. We’ll give your ad the stopping power it needs to start something big. Your product or service speaks for itself…we’ll help make sure it gets heard.

Even in today’s ever-evolving business environment, our philosophy regarding advertising is actually as old as business itself—developing an idea that makes something happen. Easier said than done. A successful idea must be simple, stimulating and sticky. It must pique curiosity and follow with content. It must make the consumer say “that’s quite a product” rather than “that’s quite an ad”. 

Some suggest pushing your ad outside the box in pursuit of the successful idea. At Blakeslee, we rather like the box…provided you’ve got the right box. A well constructed box is the structure on which great campaigns are built. The box gives you a base from which to build, and enables the true creative process to take place. Because we’ve learned that it’s the very constraints of the box that gives the idea energy and empowers it to succeed in today’s world.