azenic DHP

The Challenge: Convincing dental professionals to throw away their most trusted tool… twice a day.

Azenic created a disposable handpiece that is not only affordable, but in fact delivers the same performance as the clinician’s primary handpiece. We determined that creating demand for this product would require us to create, in essence, a new treatment category. We needed to educate the dentist not only on the benefits of using the Azenic, but also the potential dangers and downside of non-usage.

Our campaign centered around the question “What’s in your op?”, and we positioned the product as a complementary tool to their existing handpiece. Rather than replace their main handpiece, we suggest doctors should have both, using the Azenic for infection control, rugged cases where their primary handpiece could be damaged or when their primary handpiece was in the shop. We suggested not only the specific procedures in which to use the Azenic disposable handpiece, but also a recommended daily usage.

The Result: The Azenic DHP was just recently launched so we cannot in good faith claim the campaign to be a success. However, the reception was positive at the Greater New York Dental Show, and the campaign has been able to convince several key opinion leaders to try the product. Please feel free to ask us how this campaign is progressing.