Ceramco iC

The Challenge: Using a new-product launch to help a declining brand emerge from the shadows.

Once a dominant brand, Ceramco was faced with a fading reputation. Without a successful product launch, their status—and worse sales—would continue to wane. Taking a cue from our expertise in the fashion industry, we stepped outside the dental paradigm and positioned their new dental porcelain as a high-end, highly-esthetic option. Using dramatic visuals, we challenged all the preconceived notions. It was the start of transformation across the entire Ceramco brand. By leaving the safety of the everyday for the sexy of Milan, the campaign boomed out of the gate, piquing the curiosity of everyone within the dental space. 

The Result: By positioning the brand as a fashion-forward icon, Ceramco iC noticed an immediate and dramatic boost perception and prestige. Pre- and post-awareness studies of the new product showed that both aided and unaided awareness registered off the charts.