Hyatt Escala Lodge

The Challenge: Although it is located higher on the hill than all the other resort properties, the Escala hotel was down in the dumps when it came to performance.
By all accounts, the Escala Resort in Park City had everything going for it. An ideal location in one of North America’s most esteemed destinations, upscale residences with exceptional finishes and critically acclaimed reviews. The only thing it was lacking was guests. In an attempt to help the property reach its considerable potential, Escala aligned with Hyatt brand to tap into their nation and international rental reservation system and initiate guest trial. To this end, we created a highly-stylized campaign that blended the esteemed Hyatt brand with the upscale boutique nature of the Escala resort. This included the creation of a new look that maximized the strongest elements of both the Hyatt and Escala brands.
The Result: Rebranded as the Hyatt Escala, the resort is now outfitted with an attitude to match their altitude. Under their new name and look, the new Hyatt Escala has been rising to their full potential, with real estate sales rising 50% over the previous year.

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