The Challenge: Differentiating Jans—a local ski shop in Park City, UT—from the countless other ski shops in town.

Jans was one of many specialty retailers which focused on winter sports recreation. Unfortunately, their sales had been flat to down for several consecutive years. To make matters worse, margins were steadily eroding as other stores resorted to price competition. In our research, we were able to identify the extra experience the Jans staff possessed as compared to the “ski bums” that worked at the other stores for just one season. Armed with this point of differentiation, we positioned Jans as “Mountain Recreation Experts” and developed a memorable print campaign to get that point across. We recently extended this campaign to a new website that establishes Jans as your online source for off-the-grid adventures. It offers everything you love about Jans from the comfort of your own living room.

The Result: Jans has become, and remains, the unquestioned “go to” shop in the area. They’ve experienced sales growth of 100%, seen their margins improve significantly and with the introduction of their new site, have started shipping internationally.