In-Ovation R

The Challenge: Generating a disproportionate bang for our client’s buck.
It’s no secret that the economy has pushed many advertisers to the sidelines. While unfortunate, this presents an outstanding opportunity for those companies willing to buck the trend. Clients who are willing to invest in their advertising can generate a disproportionate share of voice. So when DENTSPLY GAC came to us with a limited budget for their In-Ovation line, we cautioned them against limiting their expectations. Leveraging many of our long-standing relationship within the trade journals, we secured several unique placement opportunities, including a back-to-back-to-back insertion. This enabled us to flex our creative muscles and generate some unique, stand-out advertising. What’s more, this aggressive stance brings the added benefit of generating editorial opportunities within the trade pubs that we’re able to tilt in our client’s favor.

The Result: At a time when many are sitting on the sidelines, DENTSPLY GAC is sitting pretty. These unique placements—and targeted editorial offerings—are giving the company a booming voice within the trade journals.