Pacific Group

The Challenge: With big banks sitting on the sidelines, credit became the scarcest resource of all.

Pacific Group is a real estate developer specializing in large-scale projects. In addition to Pacific Group’s prowess in hard-asset development, their proficiency in navigating the challenging waters of the EB-5 visa program (providing a green card for foreign nationals who invest $1,000,000, creating or preserving at least 10 jobs for U.S. workers) offers them a significant advantage over other development firms. To demonstrate this added advantage, we leveraged Pacific Groups real estate experience to promote their EB-5 experience (which is considerable), positioning it as a value-added service that other firms couldn’t compete with.
The Result: Since we implemented the strategy, development of the New Hampshire EB-5 Regional Center is now underway. For employees and investors, it promises to be the first of many happy returns.