The Challenge: Creating the “Next Big Thing” out of a little used dental procedure.

When tasked with finding a way to market dental thermoforming, a decidedly unsexy procedure, we stepped back and took a 30,000 ft view of the industry as a whole. What caught our attention most was…what was missing. Our research showed that cosmetic whitening, once the primary practice growth tactic, was no longer performing, having been undercut by take-home and OTC whitening products. Rather than replace the revenue, practices were trying to discount their way out of the monetary shortcoming. We recommended that our client eschew the traditional clinical execution and focus instead on the practice building potential of thermoforming – led by the current spotlight on sports mouthguards. To that end, we branded our client’s thermoforming experience (fabrication machine and materials) as a single entity (TekFit), and positioned them as the benchmark for the emerging field.

The Result: By positioning our client as the end-all and be-all when it comes to thermoforming, we’re putting them in a position to be the dominant supplier as the practice-marketing, revenue paradigm shifts.