Change is Constant

The greatest danger in times of change is not the change itself…it’s to respond with yesterday’s logic.

It’s no secret that the nature of the relationship between client and agency is changing. Like all change, it can feel rapid, relentless and unforgiving. But with change comes opportunity.

In the past, clients only needed to produce a handful of communications to stay relevant. This included a few video spots (or commercials), the annual product catalog and a few print ads keeping the flagship products top of mind in the marketplace. This work was often handled by a single agency, typically the Agency of Record.

In todays social media driven, over-crowded marketplace, individuals are bombarded with approximately 8,000 messages on a daily basis. This is an upward trending statistic from an estimated 4,000 commercial messages just a few years ago. As a result, it is imperative that companies and their brands humanize themselves since people tend to forget bricks and mortar but remember personal relationships. Today brands need to create hundreds (even thousands) of pieces of content just to keep up.

Introducing Blakeslee

We are a full-service firm offering an unmatched level of experience and understanding within the dental, medical, ski resort, luxury and mountain resort real estate, non-profit, and retail industries. With more than 30 years of proven experience in virtually all sectors of the economy, we create relevant, targeted and actionable communications to help companies reach customers, teams reach their goals and brands reach their full potential.

Our services include strategic thinking and planning, qualitative and quantitative research, tactical and business consultation, trade show services and a complete creative suite (including full print, video and social media capabilities).

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