Expand Your Brandwidth

Where does the stroke of genius originate? Is it born in the eye of the artist, the wisdom of the wordsmith or the view of the visionary? Is it founded by book smarts or driven by life experiences? Is it inspired by its surroundings? The answer is, of course, all of the above. At Blakeslee, we have business acumen and creative bandwidth to produce ideas that are engaging, relevant and responsive. From market research and brand strategy to provocative creative, compelling content and precision execution, we’re here—ready, willing and waiting to strike genius for you.



The Power of Perspective

Staying power is impressive, but staying relevant is essential. Sure, we’re one of the longest tenured agencies in Baltimore. While we take pride in our legacy, we’re more proud of our ability to evolve to meet the needs of the marketplace. So with a nod to the past, let’s get together and talk about how our historical perspective shape your potential future.


Explore the Overlap

We like to think of the business like a Venn diagram. In the one circle are the features and benefits of your product. In the other are the wants and needs of your potential customer. What we do at Blakeslee is bring the two circles together to pique curiosity, promote trial and drive engagement. No matter what corner of the world your circle sits in, let us help you find the overlap between the two and discover the Zen of the Venn.


Provocative Ideas. Amplified Impact.

We believe there is untapped potential to be found in every product. Understanding how to unlock that potential is understanding the difference between a product and a brand. Once a product captures the imagination, it will command attention. It’s about provocative ideas delivered with amplified impact. Because good brands stands out, but great brands stand alone.


From fashion to footwear, hoisting sails to raising sales, winter sports to desert resorts, with experience in financial services, pharmaceutical, banking, education, healthcare and retail, at Blakeslee, our experience is your advantage.

The Crew

Artists, analysts and an aerialist. Brewers, bikers and bookmakers. Cat people, dog people, plant people and even herpetoculturist. We’re a diverse group, and that’s not by accident. At Blakeslee, our diversity is what brings us together. Because talent can spot the differences, but genius finds the similarities.
Who's Who
Duane LeVine
President and COO
Dan Reed
Senior Copywriter
Courtney Stangeland
Account Manager, Blakeslee West
Ross Downard
Gary Nasuta, Digital Marketing Specialist
Gary Nasuta
Digital Marketing Specialist
Trudy Setree
Vice President
Cheryl Pool
Cheryl Poole
Media Manager
Mark Fischer
Strategist, Blakeslee West
Kaitlyn Wernsing, Digital Marketing Manager
Kaitlyn Wernsing
Digital Marketing Manager
Dan Campbell, Photographer
Dan Campbell
Stephanie Fischer
President, Blakeslee West
Adam Campbell
Art Director & Web Designer, Blakeslee West
Kim Poleski
Rob Holms
Rob Holmes
3D Illustration/Animation
Emily Mullin, Community Manager
Emily Mullin
Community Manager
Tom Wilson
Creative Director
Liz Holtz
Production Manager/Graphic Designer
Karen Setree
Account Coordinator
Bryce McDonald
Director of Market Research



Market Research, Brand Strategy, Media Buying, Product Development, Social Media, Brand Messaging & Positioning, Public Relations


Branding, Marketing, General Retail & Direct, Copywriting, Naming, Corporate Identity, Layout & Design, Photography, Package Design, Animation, Illustration


Website Design & Development, Mobile Apps, E-commerce, Augmented Reality, Video & Audio, Banner & Online Advertising, 3-D Modeling, Graphic Animation