Breaking News—Your Story Here!

Generating mass-market reach-and-frequency within traditional budgetary constraints can be challenging. With today’s frugal mindset, many companies have reduced their advertising budgets and awareness campaigns to next to nil. While understandable, it’s also shortsighted. At this very moment, there is a vast communication vacuum that’s waiting to be filled. It’s a situation that’s perfectly suited for a well-executed Public Relations campaign.

PR remains one of the most-powerful, cost-effective and underutilized tools at the marketer’s disposal. Studies consistently show that the value of a robust PR campaign is roughly three times that of the paid advertising rate. Effective PR delivers the benefit of highly-respected media outlets not only disseminating your message, but in essence providing a 3rd party testimonial, an implied endorsement of the coverage. PR provides substantive information that resonates with today’s sophisticated and skeptical consumer.

Whether you’re looking to launch your image anew or get the news out about what’s new, we’re old hats at the PR game. With offices in Chicago, Manhattan, Baltimore and Park City, we’ve got the ideas, the associates and the experience to bring life to your news while bringing your news to life. From spin selling to storytelling, whatever your PR needs are, we’ll make sure the answer to “what’s news” is y-o-u.