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Cornerstone Advisors, founded in 1984 and based in Bellevue, Washington, is a wealth and lifestyle management company. Wealth Management is an increasingly attractive and competitive sector within the financial services industry. From RIAs to RIA Aggregators to Wirehouses to Regional Banks, all eyes are on this lower capital requirements and higher ROE, advisor/client relationship.

While so much of the narrative has focused on investment strategy and returns/yields on equities, data suggest that investment advice has now become largely commoditized. It has become difficult for advisors to differentiate themselves based on their investing chops.

Recognizing these macro trends, Blakeslee working with Cornerstone’s executive team developed a strategy to shift the paradigm from beating the market benchmarks to providing holistic, goals-oriented advice, predicated on financial and lifestyle needs and aspirations.

To accomplish the adaptation to this new reality, we worked with the client to completely re-do their website both in content and appearance. People do business with people they like and are relatable to them. Located in the Pacific Northwest, we had an opportunity to introduce a New B4H (business for humanity) positioning predicated on causes and activities close to existing clients and prospects. The new website took on the look and feel of a REI brand rather than an off-the-shelf, expected financial services personality.

From this established digital hub, we deployed traditional and electronic messaging to drive awareness, website traffic, and lead generation. In addition, we assisted in the continuance of their highly successful “Hot Stove Event.” Supporting these events with physical attendance we were successful in acquiring high level social media assets, video and static to further promote the momentum. The blending of existing clients with prospects allowed for peer-to-peer interaction which is the means that drives consumer purchase behavior in today’s all access media world.

Classic success story supporting the marketing adage to meet and speak to your consumers where they are and in their language.