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Galatea Surgical is a company backed by Tepha, inventor of P4HB polymer technology that has a go to market line of products called GalaFLEX. The product is used in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgical profession. It is a bioabsorbable polymer that supports, elevates, repairs, and reinforces soft tissue. The first thing Blakeslee set out to solve was the naming conundrum.

A disciplined brand architecture was assigned to each entity to determine their respective role in the development of this brand. The challenge was to allow each component sufficient space to stand on its own merit and simultaneously come together for brand cohesion.

Next up was the creation of logos to meet the aforementioned criteria. Along with this new image we had to find a way to handle P4HB, the core technology that in fact had more equity in the market than any of the names. As a result, Blakeslee decided to place this P4HB element under the GalaFLEX mark there by making them synonymous.

Once the brand identity was approved, we moved on to create a positioning line, compelling headlines, visuals, product photography, and body copy in order to bring the personality of the brand to life.

With the positioning of “Real Strength Starts From Within,” we wanted to humanize the science by making the patient the hero. The obvious play here is that the material resides on the inside and emboldens the perseverance of the patient for the duration of the healing process. This creative strategy makes science/technology more relatable, infusing emotion as well as functionality into the narrative.

An aggressive social campaign was launched along with trade show efforts and other direct response initiatives. After a record sales performance during a Covid stricken year, Becton Dickinson tendered an offer to acquire Galatea Surgical in order to bolster its stake in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery market….MISSION SUCCESS.