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The Ideal Implant, structured saline breast implant is the latest technological innovation in the breast augmentation business. Designed with a novel internal structure which allows women to experience the natural feel of the industry favorite, silicone gel breast implants, but with only saline inside for peace of mind.

The launch of this dynamic product has been met with significant resistance from the plastic surgeon community. Silicone gel implants own the coveted Top of Mind mantle with the Patient and Surgeon markets, despite some clinical data concerns and guidance from the FDA. To aggressively address this barrier to market entrant, Blakeslee has initiated a compelling brand image overhaul focused on “The Power of Choice”, a purpose-driven lifestyle theme. This new positioning empowers women to own their bodies and take a greater role in their healthcare. Additionally, these campaigns, suggest to surgeons that they have a professional and ethical responsibility to present all breast implant options to women during the all important Informed Consent Consultation.

The Hyper telling of the New Ideal Implant story is reaching the market through an Omni channel media strategy; including a new website, patient photography, VOC testimonial video and static assets, a Voice of Choice audio patient journey campaign, organic social and paid social ads as well as a recently produced podcast titled “The Ideal Factor”.

After only six months, the success of our efforts can best be expressed by the words of IDEAL IMPLANT’S founder CEO and President Robert S. Hamas, “We hear some positive things suggesting more women are asking about Ideal – docs calling our reps to come in to talk to them, when in the past the rep could not get the doc to see them! Also, a KOL guy asked about using the implant with fat grafting for augs instead of silicone gel (all natural?)”