Sandy City / The Cairns

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About This Project

In the emerging Utah real estate market, the city of Sandy has a lot to offer. It sits just south of Salt Lake City in the shadow of two of the nations’ top resorts, with nearby access to a handful more. It boasts a dynamic, well-educated population and is located a few moments from Utah’s “Silicon Slopes” area, the fastest growing tech-corridor in all America. What the area did not have was much of a reputation.

Working with Sandy City leaders, the Redevelopment Association and a major architecture, planning, engineering and technology firm, we are helping transform the area. We’ve developed a name, logo and a multimedia communication platform designed to brand the area, bring local leadership on board and drive the reputation of the redevelopment.

Current residents and businesses in the greater Sandy area are engaged and excited about the new development, anticipating additional business, increased revenue and rising property values.