Social media is a fickle field within the marketing mix. It offers an unmatched end run around the traditional brand barriers that exist between company and customer. Yet without a deft tone and a nuanced approach, social can create an impasse that could do irreparable damage to a brand. At Blakeslee, we’re well versed in social. We’ll help you talk the talk so you can take a walk on the social side…and put the full power of social media to work for you.

If you’re trying to wrap your head around Social Media, we suggest thinking about the web circa 1995. Back then, many companies questioned the necessity of a website. Those who did engage in this new medium often assumed they could have their nephew create a site for them. Suffice it to say, many of those companies are no longer around. As for those who did embrace they web, and realized its full potential, gave themselves a competitive advantage they are still enjoying to this day.

Social media is a lot like that. Today companies assume you can crank out the weekly Facebook post…maybe send out a few tweets from the company picnic…and they’re doing social. Not only is this squandering a fantastic opportunity, but it risks doing real damage to their brand, their reputation and their bottom line.

So what is the best way to think of social media? Like all the other components of your marketing mix. Social is an integral and integrated part of your branded communication strategy. Social is an intimate way to engage your customers within a dynamic framework (absolutely the medium is a part of the message). And social is a way to bypass many of the “consumer defense mechanisms” to engage and educate your target audience while garnering demographic and psychographic data that marketers only dreamed of having just a few years ago. Social is all these things and more. All of which is why it’s far too important to approach with a 1995 mindset.