What Your Workout Can Teach You About Social CRM

We Can Work It Out


It turns out that succeeding in Social Media CRM requires a lot of the same traits as working out. It comes down to putting in the time, doing the reps and judging success not on the immediate impact of each individual exercise, but on a cumulative basis after you’ve invested the time and repetitions.

The Time

You may feel great after you complete an individual workout. Heck, maybe it’s one of those times you establish a personal record of some kind. But that individual workout isn’t the end-point; it’s actually the smaller part of a larger goal. It’s not about reaching a one-time goal and stopping; it’s about committing to a continual process of incremental improvement.

It’s the same with your CRM efforts. Responding to all your Facebook mentions, setting up a DRIP campaign or finally writing that blog post you’ve been meaning to complete is important. But they’re all parts of a larger process. Yes, you may generate some likes, shares, or even the occasional sale. But whether these individual efforts succeed or fail is almost irrelevant. It’s about putting in the time.

The Reps

It’s always hard to start a new routine. But what’s even more daunting is maintaining that new routine. It can be frustrating when you put the time in and don’t see immediate results. This is true in the gym and in your social CRM efforts. Reps is short for repetitions. It means doing things over and over, even when it seems fruitless. Because sometimes you need to operate on faith, knowing that for every action, there is a reaction. Just because you can’t see the change, it doesn’t mean that things aren’t changing.

Compiling to Compounding

Eventually, once you put in enough time and enough reps, things start happening. All the individual efforts that you’ve been compiling start compounding. The results start generating their own results. You reach a reputational escape speed where the ideas you’ve been working so hard to promote with each effort take on a life of their own. Leads become customers and customers become brand ambassadors.

Success in Social CRM is a process

It all comes down to starting and the following through. It might not show at first…but the results will come.

So what does success look like? That’s up to you to decide before you start. Are you looking for a certain number of downloads, increasing the time spent on your homepage, or gathering more followers? It’s important to take some time and consider them carefully, as what your goals are will drive how you approach your efforts.

SNEAK PEAK: Speaking of results, we’ll take a look at how it is we can define success when it comes to Social CRM and how to approach the prickly problem of ROI in our next entry.